One of the many hats I wore at Foundry 42 was the Instagram manager. The NYNOW Retail Renaissance Award-winning lifestyle store in Port Jervis, New York allowed me to organize, photograph, and post content that had foodies and eclectic-product lovers all around the tri-state area excited. With a mission to spread positivity and inclusivity, mine and Foundry 42's main intention of the @foundry42portjervis page was to bring a smile to followers' faces. While doing so, I maximized awareness of the brand and increased foot traffic in the store by using prime social media practices.


Working at Ithaca Coffee Company as a marketing assistant and student brand ambassador taught me exactly how to target the college communities in Ithaca, New York. As a college student myself, I was aware that my generation highly enjoys visual content that does not take too long to digest. Through frequent Instagram stories, I was able to hone my design skills and increase awareness. Additionally, I engaged with Ithaca College and Cornell University to curate content that was based on college events. These events resulted in giveaways, as well as sales.


One of the courses I took during my time at Ithaca College was digital marketing. Ocellus Eyewear came to fruition as one assignment called for a new product and a Facebook business page. The posts on this page followed the 4-1-1 method; four posts that are entertaining, one that is educational, and another one that is promotional. In creating this product and the social posts which complemented it, I considered the current times, how those around me are being affected, and how to remedy the problem.


As COVID-19 began to spread all over cities across the U.S., I noticed the impact it was having on small business owners in small towns like my own. I took it upon myself to create the Tri-State Area Small Businesses Open Facebook group page in hopes of generating awareness and profit for those struggling. The feedback was overwhelming with community members excited to have organized information all in one place and to continue to support their favorite restaurants, salons, lifestyle stores, and so on.